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Why BD4BS?


Analytics to improve management

Improve Performance, Increase Profitability

BD4BS: Is all about perfomance



More than 20 years of experience on analytics.

A team of energy professionals.

Facilities and environment are complex, AI is the solution.

Big Data Analytics providing insight

Prediction at the service of perfomance

Scientific approach & constant innovation.

Profitable way having the control over the performance ratio.

Deep analytics, big data and industry knowledge

Multifacility / Multy energy coverage

International experience

Cloud Solution: No instalations.

Feature Why BD4BS

Data Sources

Access to any external and internal data available to provide insight


Indetify & predict failures and losses to increase the yield.

Recommendations & Follow up

We do more than showing data we do reccomend actions to resolve issues and the follow up.


Performance & Insight

Increase your PR, reduce risk nd uncertainty, maximize yeld and increase valuation of your assets


We don’t ket anything to chance. Deep analysis of data and al multiple variables affecting our facilities and analysed in order to provide the best recommendations and the the power of production to the performance services and energy production.


More than 20 years of international experience in analytics and renewable energy with more than 2 GW installed base.


BD4BS provides the power to increase performance in your facilities, reducing risk, minimising uncertainty and increasing the valuation of your assets.