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The power of Prediction

Empowering your insight trough Big Data Analytics

Adding Intelligence to optimize performance and increase Yield


Our goal.

Big Data for Business Solutions is a new disrupting provider in the Renewable Energy Industry. We use the Big Data Analytics capabilities from the Industrial IoT to find and predict losses and the way to eliminate or minimize them.  

Our mission.

Our platform is using predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques of existing facilities large datasets enriched with external data and generates recommendations that Optimise the O& M in a way that maximises the energy generation.

Our way.

The service is designed for facility owners and investors that want to minimise the risk of meeting the initial revenue plans. This leads to an Increase in Production that ripples on other benefits that at the end are translated in higher profits and increase the facility valuation.


The way our system works

01. Data Enrichment

Facilities offers access to millions of internal records (Park Location, Plant Layout and Topological Design, Monitoring Data, meter Data, O&M Maintenance Plan and O&M Activities log, Failures Log, Replacement Pieces Inventory, Plant Organization Roles and Responsibilities etc.) We do enrich with additional external data or independent sources (irradiation Satellite, Irradiation Prediction, External Weather Information, Meter Data, Weather Prediction, Energy Pricing, etc..) providing better insight.

02. Analysis

Through the usage of Big Data Analytics capabilities from the Industrial Internet of Things we are able to identify the losses as well as to predict them. Our platform uses predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques in these existing large datasets. We can Identify the digital fingerprint of different losses as well as we have implemented the ability to predict them. Instead of simply storing millions of records in a data cemetery we empower the usage of such an incredible source of information to provide the insight required to increase yield, reduce risk and uncertainty

03. Recomendations

It is not just another reporting tool or a dashboard system showing you data, we go beyond of this. We understand your performance is not resolved by graphs but by empowering your key people to identify actions that increase performance and yield. Our platform identifies losses and areas of improvement and provide recommendations and actions that need to be taken to Optimise your O& M in a way that maximises the energy generation. By providing these recommendations we empower your O&M team with the ability to implement a real predictive maintenance limiting the impact of losses and the risk of not fulfilling your business plan.

04. Follow up

Actions need to be measurable and provide benefits. You need to be sure that implementation of those actions has been taken and you track the results. We provide the ability to have full traceability of any taken action so you can measure the outcome , as well as you can implement changes or new procedures in to your operational plans. But is even more than this as we can empower you with the ability to benefit your current operations as well as to take advantage of this insight for your pipeline under development. 

Meet our team

Get to know our staff

Luis Mª Barreiro Abraira

Founder & Executive Director

Luis is a highly experienced and well regarded senior executive. He co-founded Big Data for Business Solutions and CognoGeo, prior to this was Sales Director for EMEA and India as well as for EMEA Emerging markets. Luis has extensive experience of working with fast growing companies and IT Industry for more than 20 years. Consistently recognized as Sales leader in analytics and IT. Having worked in Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and the United States, Luis has a deep understanding of the complex multi-national environments within which global organisations need to deploy solutions to their business requirements. Luis also collaborates as associate teacher for Location Analytics, Big Data & Business Intelligence in MBA and Executive programs in Spain, combined with passion for his family, business, history and travelling

Andrés Umaña

Founder & Executive Director

Andrés is a senior, client focused, entrepreneur and business leader with over 15 years of experience in business management. Entrepreneurial by nature he has a BS degree in Civil Engineering a BS in Physics an MBA and several specializations. He has founded and/or been partner several companies in different industries and geographies.

Andres also had a South EMEA regional management role in a multinational corporation for 15 years giving him hands on experience in building and executing strategic and operational plans with strong business targets and having to create/manage the teams to achieve them: Very strong technical background in Maths, Modelling and Analytics, Experience with P&L responsibility across variety of industries, gained predominantly with NASDAQ/NYSE-quoted companies, Track record of managing growth and business transformation, with particular focus on customer satisfaction and consistent, efficient and quality delivery of enterprise solutions.

Miguel Ángel Ayuso

Founder & Executive Director

Miguel Angel is a businessman with a long career in entrepreneurship; Co-founder of Big Data for Business Solutions, before this I think, and he now runs the company Renovagy, company specialized in control systems for power plants. A technical background over 25 years of experience guarantee a deep knowledge of energy generation systems either from conventional or renewable sources. With a clear vocation for the r & d, he has directed and participated in teams that have developed Software and Hardware with applications in the Industrial and Energy sectors. He has participated in the creation and international development of Renovagy in five countries, and has generated a commercial and logistics structure that makes it possible to sell the developed solutions and products all over the world.

We minimise risk and reduce uncertainty

Higher profits and increase the facility valuation


70% of Renewable Energy Facilities don’t match the production they were designed for, there is no just a single problem causing this performance issue but a lot of multiple issues related with operations and maintenance that reduce performance and put on risk your business.

We created a platform that using predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques in existing large datasets generate recommendations that Optimise the Operations and Maintenance in a way that maximises the energy generation in Renewable facilities


Performance is affected by:


Collection Losses


System Losses


Operational Losses


Tansformation loss


Big Data 4 Business Solutions

Analitycs on the move

Analysed Parameters

% More performance

% Additional Yield

$ Additional Revenue

Feature We Are

Risk Management

We reduce risk and uncertainty


All is about performance and Yield 


Increase Production, higher profits and an increase of the facility valuation

Did you Know

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