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Maximize Yield, Increase Profitability


Two Phases


Our solution approach


We can help companies providing analytical capabilities as they had never before in order to identify and predict losses. They can minimise or eliminate losses and increase yield and we do offer two different phases: Our Performance Picture consultancy & Our Platform Engine




Doing Analytics, delivering results

Performance Picture Consultancy 


We can deliver a perfect insight to test your facility, current status and analyze how much is your real PR as well as to identify the level of losses and potential areas of special focus for improvement of your Operation & Maintenance in orders to increase your yield. Combining our Monitoring and Analysis tools we analyse your facilities, you performance and we are able to identify those losses are reducing to maximize yield. We help you to identify your challneges to maximize yield, quantify the impact and reccomend actiosn to fix it.  A win/win original approach


Understanding your challenges to maximize Yield

Our plataform: The full movie


If you don't want to have just a picture but the full movie, so a continuous insight and set of recommendations we offer our recommendation engine. Our platform is using predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques of existing facilities large datasets enriched with external data and generates recommendations that Optimize the O& M in a way that maximizes the energy generation. This leads to an Increase in Production that ripples on other benefits that at the end are translated in higher profits and increase the facility valuation