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We provide insight to you

01. Data Enrichment

Facilities offers access to millions of internal records (Park Location, Plant Layout and Topological Design, Monitoring Data, meter Data, O&M Maintenance Plan and O&M Activities log, Failures Log, Replacement Pieces Inventory, Plant Organization Roles and Responsibilities etc.) We do enrich with additional external data or independent sources (irradiation Satellite, Irradiation Prediction, External Weather Information, Meter Data, Weather Prediction, Energy Pricing, etc..) providing better insight.

02. Analysis

Through the usage of Big Data Analytics capabilities from the Industrial Internet of Things we are able to identify the losses as well as to predict them. Our platform uses predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques in these existing large datasets. We can Identify the digital fingerprint of different losses as well as we have implemented the ability to predict them. Instead of simply storing millions of records in a data cemetery we empower the usage of such an incredible source of information to provide the insight required to increase yield, reduce risk and uncertainty

03. Recomendations

It is not just another reporting tool or a dashboard system showing you data, we go beyond of this. We understand your performance is not resolved by graphs but by empowering your key people to identify actions that increase performance and yield. Our platform identifies losses and areas of improvement and provide recommendations and actions that need to be taken to Optimise your O& M in a way that maximises the energy generation. By providing these recommendations we empower your O&M team with the ability to implement a real predictive maintenance limiting the impact of losses and the risk of not fulfilling your business plan.

04. Follow up

Actions need to be measurable and provide benefits. You need to be sure that implementation of those actions has been taken and you track the results. We provide the ability to have full traceability of any taken action so you can measure the outcome , as well as you can implement changes or new procedures in to your operational plans. But is even more than this as we can empower you with the ability to benefit your current operations as well as to take advantage of this insight for your pipeline under development. 


Why Choose us

Big Data Analytics Capabilities, Knowledge and Experience 



BD4BS brings the Big Data Analytics capability to the Industrial Internet of things to the Renewable energy industry. We help owners and investors looking to maximize their investments to increase performance and yield reducing risk and uncertainty. By implementing our system recommendation engine, we are able to find, predict, reduce and eliminate the losses in your facilities, losses that are hitting the viability of your business in an everyday more complex environment 

Combining more than 20 years of experience in analytics and in the renewable industry we are able to provide the best in class solution. No matter the system you have in your facilities, we are SCADA system agnostics being able to provide a holistic view of your business empowering the ability to increase yield and have the insight required to take the right business decisions.



Our platform is using predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques of existing facilities large datasets enriched with external data and generates recommendations that Optimize the O& M in a way that maximizes the energy generation.


With global warming threat upon us and the necessity to transform the way we produce energy, most of the countries have regulated the usage of Renewable energies. We provide solutions to support the efficiency and profitability that are helping to achieve the targets of a better world


We provide the ability to predict losses in your facilities and provide the appropriate recommendations required for your O & M teams to do a real Predictive Maintenance 

Our Reccomendation Plattform

BD4BS is a new disrupting provider in the Photo Voltaic Industry. We use the Big Data Analytics capabilities from the Industrial IoT to find and predict losses and the way to eliminate or minimize them. Our platform is using predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques of existing facilities large datasets enriched with external data and generates recommendations that Optimize the O& M in a way that maximizes the energy generation. This leads to an Increase in Production that ripples on other benefits that at the end are translated in higher profits and increase the facility valuation.

Artificial Intelligence at your service

All available historical data is analysed with the last cutting edge AI systems. We do use Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques, Genetic Algorithms, statistical models & mathematical optimisation to identify losses and what is more important to predict losses that impact in your yield. Adapting algorytms or creatig new ones to analyse millions of data, training our systems to learn how to better serve your objective, efficiency and yield increase.

Big Data Analytics to serve efficiency

Monitoring Systems collects millions of records that are stored and not analysed. Analysing historical data enriched with external and internal sources provides an incredible insight. Through our Big Data Analytical capabilities we serve efficiency providing the insight required to maximize yield 


Performance Managers need to get the best of facilities to be sure investment is maximized. You can't let things to the chance. Our focus is to provide them as well as to owners the insight required to identify, predict, minimize and eliminate losses. We do provide actionable recommendations to your O&M teams in a way to maximize the efficiency and performance, helping to increase yield, profitability and the valuation of your assets. 

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We are the best

We don’t let anything to the chance. More than 20 years of experience and a deep knowledge on analytics and Renewable energy is applied to analyse data and provide the insight required to maximize yield though our Recommendation engine 

More than 20 years of international experience in analytics and renewable energy with more than 2 GW installed base.

BD4BS provides the power to increase performance in your facilities, reducing risk, minimising uncertainty and increasing the valuation of your assets.