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Enriching Data & Inisght

Facilities are complex and this complexity has been tacked by the engineers by building very large monitoring systems. But it has demonstrated that is a double sided sword, On one side you have more data, but on the other hand it is very hard to manage it. Monitoring in Utility scales facilities generates Terabytes of data and this ends up in that only a tiny bit of that data is analysed on the long term because plants don’t have the HW, SW nor skills to manage it. Data goes to a DATA CEMETERY and we know that today no analytics means higher Risk of Revenue Loss

But we are not just able to analyse historical data from monitoring systems, we enrich this data by adding insight from multiple sources internally and externally so we do provide a full insight to identify, analyse and predict losses and the way to avoid them.

We transform data into information and information into recommendations to increase production and profitability