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Efficiency Recommendations

Facilities are large and complex electrical and mechanical circuits, that are prone to failures. Also the environment is complex, plants are built in remote areas, where they are exposed to the elements. Could you imagine what happens when a photovoltaic plant, that is near an agriculture field, is affected by the crop work dust? It efficiency falls dramatically. Thousands of components and complex engines needs to face multiple internal and external variables that put the systems and O&M under stress.

Our platform identifies losses and areas of improvement as well as recommend actions that need to be taken to Optimise the O& M in a way that maximises the energy generation. Is not just showing lots of data and reports, we identify those key actions and recommendations that needs to be taken in order to increase performance.

Our current developed algorithms are able to control weather corrected calculation for daily yield vs Actual Energy Produced, Soiling and cleaning, growing grass and mowing shadows, Weather correlated component failures, bad/Broken/Disconnected modules, temperature effects on inverters, temperature effects on panels, growing grass and mowing, … and much more