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Sep 03, 2016

BD4BS would be Gold Sponsor at Asset Management Europe

BD4BS would be Gold sponsor at Solar Asset Management Europe that will be held in Milan (Italy) November 9th and 10th. We look forward to see you there and show you how we are helping Green Eenerfy companies to get our of the Red Numbeers. We would be also presenting our Consultancy Offering, Perfromance Picture.

BD4BS would participate as gold sponsor including an exposition boot where we would be sharing with you how we think we can help companies providing analytical capabilities as they had never before and use it to identify and predict losses, so they can minimise or eliminate losses and increase yield. Andres Umaña, founder and executive of the company would be also sharing our perspective around how we think we can get Getting the most out of solar data today and what is next specially with the opportunity to use Big Data Analytics in the management of historical data in Renewable facilities, what is a disrupting approach in the market. BD4BS is offering two different flavours. In one side our Performance Picture consultancy service that gives you a perfect insight to test your facility, current status and analyse how much is your real PR as well as to identify the level of losses and potential areas of special focus for improvement of your Operation & Maintenance in orders to increase your yield.

In the other side if you don't want to have just a picture but the full movie, so a continuous insight and set of recommendations we offer our Recommendation engine. Our platform is using predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques of existing facilities large datasets enriched with external data and generates recommendations that Optimize the O& M in a way that maximizes the energy generation. This leads to an Increase in Production that ripples on other benefits that at the end are translated in higher profits and increase the facility valuation.

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